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Tangible memories

It is becoming more important than ever to make memories to hold in your hand. Instead of a thousand photos hidden away on a smartphone, memories can become something you can touch and show to others. Peleman makes it possible for customers to instantly print their photos in your shop, even if they just need one copy. Our Peel&Stick solution allows customers to stick photos into a photobook, or onto a photo panel or magnet, right there in the shop.

Plus… your customer can do everything themselves: no assistance is needed.

Photo Kiosk.

Creating timeless mementoes is the focus. With the Peleman Kiosk, you can create a unique space in your shop that revolves around creating timeless mementoes. Here is where memories are made to hold in your hand. What is unique about it is that your customer can do the whole process of printing and sticking in photos instantly by themselves. He or she can create an original finished product or gift in no time at all.

The total experience as a (self)service.

The facility to enable for customers to print from their smartphone is nothing new, but what’s different here is that they can choose the option of sticking their photos in a photobook or onto a photo panel or magnet straight after printing. By offering cool, on-trend products, you can make it easy for your customers to create a complete product or a last-minute gift to take away. Our Peel&Stick system does away with the need for glue or sticky tape and enables you to offer an original gift idea that can be created there and then.

creative agenda


creative notebook

How does that work?


Our Photo Kiosk offers customers the facility to select photos on their smartphone and print them out on the spot in your shop. In just four easy steps, your customers can create a beautiful memento or gift idea in no time at all.

1. Scan the code
2. Select photos from a smartphone
3. Print out on the spot
4. Stick on …and it’s complete

Peleman Human Colours


As we are keen believers in making experiences and memories to hold in your hand, Peleman is launching a unique Kashmir collection that includes an agenda, a notebook, and photobook. The collection comprises nine fresh colours and is inspired by the idea that everyone on Earth is unique and creates their own memories. But what makes this collection so special? Both the creative agenda and the creative notebook make it possible to stick in your own photos. Memories that matter should be made into a keepsake that will last.

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