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Lay-flat binding, at your own workplace or on the go.

The Peleman One presentation kit will make it easy for you to bind your presentation yourself. And what’s more, by using our V Paper there will be no pages jumping up anymore. So from now on, your presentation will lay flat beautifully. Come and put together your own kit. It doesn’t get easier than this!

Why choose the Peleman One presentation kit?

  • Countless possible setups
  • Vast choice of binding covers, paper and customisation
  • Easy to read and write on
  • Easy to do yourself
  • Cost-effective; no outsourcing required
  • No more spirals or plastic binding combs
  • Professional look

Choose your cover

Choose your customisation

Choose the weight and size of your paper

Bring your story to life with Videobook!

Videobook is the best of two worlds joined together in one medium. It combines printed document with moving image and sound. It’s an incredibly modern way of making a lasting impression and grabbing your customers’ attention.

Why choose Videobook?

  • Easy to add video in the presentation, using our practical kit. No outsourcing needed.
  • Screen can be glued wherever you want.
  • Video is charged using a USB cable.
  • Easily combined with different kinds of covers for presentation folders.
  • Guaranteed to wow your customers!

Size: 153 x 85 mm
Resolution: 1024 x 600 pixels
Luminosity: min. 160 cd/m2; max. 180 cd/m2

Memory: 2 GB
Video formats: AVI / MP4 / 3GP / MOV / ASF / etc.

Capacity: 1500 mah
Charging time: ca. 80 min
Input: DC5. OV/2. OA

Speaker: 8Ω “W

A4 – Portrait

Hard Cover with Peel & Stick system
Hard Cover with magnetic spine

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