The V Paper Tower.

The V Paper Tower turns double-sided printed and printable paper into lay-flat pages, one by one, combining three techniques: creasing, folding and pressing. During this process, a supple hinge is created on one side of the paper ensuring that bound documents can lay completely flat.

Low investment compared to other lay-flat solutions
Can be connected to an existing feeder
Easy to use
Fast: 6000 sheets/hour
Suited for large print runs
No warm-up time needed

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How does the V Paper Tower work?

Step 1
The paper gets creased.

Step 2
The paper is folded in both directions precisely on the crease.

Step 3
The fold is pressed to guarantee the ultimate lay-flat effect.

Watch the video.

Technical details.

Speed 6.000 sheets/hour
Weight per m2 min. 70g/m², max. 250g/m² of any paper type
Paper width min. 60mm, max. 480mm
Fold length min. 170mm, max. 320mm
Electrical power 1.000 Watt by 220 Volt
Small footprint L 1,2 m x W 0,8 m x H 2,5 m

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