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The Human Colours Collection by Vinni Arrendell.

The world is a barcode.

To produce this Human Colours Collection, we teamed up with Vinni Arrendell. The collection was inspired by his philosophy that the world is a barcode, made up of a diverse range of colours that represent the world’s population. Take one colour out of the barcode and the world shows an ‘error’. Because Everybody Matters.

The Kashmir Touch Collection: a unique print and photo experience
Peleman introduces its high-end Kashmir Human Colours collection, featuring a diary, notebook, gift box, photo magnet and photo panel.

Creative Notebook.

This creative notebook from the Human Colours Collection, with a hardback clothbound cover, is a pleasure to write in. The dotted paper is pleasingly smooth, so the ink will not run. You can personalise the notebook yourself using your favourite photos. Simply use the self-adhesive strips inside the book. It couldn’t be simpler!

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Creative Agenda.

An original weekly planner with a stylish clothbound cover. Each diary includes a sheet of self-adhesive strips that allow you to personalise your diary however you wish using your favourite photos. There’s even room for you to doodle to your heart’s content.

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The collection would not be complete without a handy peel-and-stick A5 photobook. Simply print out your photos and create your very own photobook in no time. The ideal gift for someone very special.

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Gift Box.

The accompanying Kashmir gift box makes giving a gift even more enjoyable. The box features a magnetic closure and is available in A5 size.

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Photo Magnet.

Magnets to put on the fridge or on a message board are available in all sizes and weights, but this bamboo magnet is both stylish and environmentally friendly. Simply choose a favourite photo and stick it onto the self-adhesive layer.

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Photo Panel.

With its lovely bamboo edging, this light, sleek and environmentally friendly photo panel will complement practically any type of interior. Little wonder it’s become a bestseller among our customers for displaying their favourite photos. The handy peel-and-stick system allows you to stick your photos directly onto the bamboo.

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Bamboo Panel Acrylic.

With its beautiful bamboo edges, this light, sleek and eco-friendly photo panel fits into almost any type of interior. No wonder it has become a favourite among our customers for displaying their favourite photos. The magnetic acrylic panel allows you to change photos regularly.

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Framed Magnet.

Do you want to brighten your boring old fridge? Take magnetic poetry to the next level by adding pictures? Do you already know the number of your favourite pizza take-away by heart? Great!

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Peel&Stick Light Panel.

Looking for a simple way to hang a printed photo or document on the wall or put it on a desk? With the light panel, your print will be glued to a hard plastic base. The only other thing you have to do is hang the panel on the wall or put it on your desk. Ready in a blink.

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Friendship Book for Colleagues.

How well do you know your colleagues? The friendship book for colleagues uses questions and games to reveal their fun sides. With the handy peel&stick sheet at the back, you can personalise the book with fun photos or memories. Forever and ever.

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Friendship Book for Grown-Ups.

How well do you know your friends? This fun friendship book exposes their little sides through questions and games. The handy peel&stick sheet in the back lets you personalise the book with fun photos or memories. Forever.

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“If the Earth within the Universe carried a barcode to illustrate its human population, all colours must be represented. Should a colour be missing, then the barcode returns an error reading ‘incorrect’. All bars are unique and together they form one whole entity… “

– Vinni Arrendell –

Instant print experience


Print out your photos at the Peleman Photo Kiosk and stick them straight into your diary, notebook or photobook. The self-adhesive strips allow you to create an original personalised gift that’s ready to take away in no time at all.

Experience shop in Valencia


At Peleman we are convinced that if it is important, you have to make it tangible. That is why we opened a shop in Valencia, but not just any shop.

“Mr & Mrs Peleman is more than just a store. It’s an experience. Because when it really matters, people still prefer tangible presentations or photo memories. At those crucial moments in life or when closing ‘big deals’, this makes the difference between being informed or being impressed. By making these products and technologies accessible to everyone, customers are now in control. It allows them to become creative storytellers of their own photos and presentations.”

Esmeralda Peleman, CEO Peleman Group

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