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Lay-Flat Paper.

The perfect solution if you want any kind of publication to stay open. This special lay-flat paper has a fold at the edge so that there’s no more bulge in the middle of the book after binding. When the binding is done, you can see a kind of hinge along the book’s spine. This is what allows the pages to lay completely flat.

Flat Bed Foil Printing.


Flat Bed Foil Printer is a digital printer that prints foil directly on flat, smooth, semi-smooth and coated surfaces. From simple lettering to complex graphic designs & logos, this versatile printer offers endless possibilities. From presentations, theses and notebooks to photo books and more, our foil printer offers endless possibilities with one machine.

Photo Kiosk.

It is becoming more important than ever to make memories to hold in your hand. Instead of a thousand photos hidden away on a smartphone, memories can become something you can touch and show to others. Peleman makes it possible for customers to instantly print their photos in your shop, even if they just need one copy.

Create My Books.

There are so many things that we wish we had done, but really all it takes is that small jump into the unknown. Write your story now. It has never been easier to self-publish a book. Just do it. Create And Shop My Books will get you started, with its extremely user-friendly online solution and true experts that help you publish your book.

Human Colours.

To produce this Human Colours Collection, we teamed up with Vinni Arrendell. The collection was inspired by his philosophy that the world is a barcode, made up of a diverse range of colours that represent the world’s population. Take one colour out of the barcode and the world shows an ‘error’. Because Everybody Matters.

Peleman Shop.

In November 2019, we opened our amazing Peleman concept store in the trendy city of Valencia. Walking into the store, is like being immersed in a world full of creativity. It focuses on a unique and total customer experience. Inspire, Create and Share: that’s what it’s all about here, because we believe that there is more to life!

Peleman One.


Whether in your company premises or on the road, with the Peleman One kits you can get started straight away! There are several packages to choose from, with which you can set up your professional presentation material all by yourself.

Peleman Projects.

Do you need a broader solution than our standard kits offer? No problem! Get in touch with one of our Business Managers and, together with you, he or she will work out a complete, tailor-made project.

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