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Moments matter

When living an impactful moment, people grab their phones and take pictures. But too often, those cherished moments disappear in a multitude of other moments, gradually descending in the collective memories.

At Peleman, we make your memories and experiences tangible. We use digital to go physical, for you to rediscover the joy of holding prints in your hands. Even more so, you can create a lasting memory for your customers. It’s all about leaving a physical trace, a print that cannot be forgotten.

Our game and claim

At Peleman we make experiences tangible in a trustworthy and joyful way. Moments that matter to you, your family, your customers, your business, should get the attention they deserve. Therefore: create a print that cannot be forgotten. Our range of high-quality solutions helps customers to stand out with their message and reach their goals. Important messages need to be seen, read, and preserved. Only tangible and touching communication builds strong relationships.

Our company values

In 2019 we moved from Unibind to Peleman branding, an identity that is a nod to our core values of a locally anchored family business that acts with respect for tradition and experience. It also underlines our ambition to become a total solution supplier in the world of presentation and photo solutions.

Peleman stands for an anchored family business, respect, tradition, worldwide expertise, and innovation.

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Digital Foil Printing

Hassle-free digital foil printing that takes customization to the next level. Create impressive foil works, from thesis to personalized collateral, design knowing you have flexibility and control.

Innovative Case-Making

Impeccable case-making thermal technology that delivers unique results while allowing flexibility. Create customized hardcovers in a matter of seconds and provide complete printing services that will put your business ahead of the competition. Increase sales, as well as, new opportunities.

Lay-Flat Adds Value

Instead of printed sheets provide your customers with “lay-flat” printed sheets. Add more value while setting your business apart from the competition. Our Lay-flat converting technology allows you to do that with ease and efficiency without disrupting your workflow.

Expand your services and add revenue

Increase profits with our in-house print shop solutions. Provide your customers with on-demand, impressive personalized hardcovers books, personalized magnetic boxes, panels and signage. Perfect for print shops:

  • Single operator
  • Minimal Foot Print
  • 0-5 Warm-up time

Maximize your revenue with the power of PrintShop650!

Flat Bed Foil Printer

Make the right impression with personalized documents or grow your business by offering one of a kind solutions to your customers. Our easy-to-use digital printer allows you to print on any flat and smooth surface in a variety of colors. Perfect to customized notebooks, hardcovers, agendas, reports, business cards, and more! Endless possibilities with one machine.

Uncomplicated Binding and Personalization

Our trusted all-in-one solution is the “silent little helper”. If you print in-house or use a printer, this machine has a simple motto – to provide revenue! Provide your customer with on-the-spot printed products.

From custom photo books to presentations, to display signage, to wall décor, you can produce on-site in a matter of seconds.

We are the secret power behind some of the biggest names in the photo and office space. We can help empower your business.

We take care of you, so that you can focus on your customer.

The webshop is already filled with Peleman products. Below you will find a selection of our offering.
You can also expand your online shop and give it your own look and feel.

Photo Production



Peleman box

Commercial Printing

Personalised notebooks & diaries


Menu & Wine Cards


Annual Reports


The Peleman Display.

Promotes and inspires your products.

Through the Web2Print platform, your customers can design a unique product themselves, with your inspiration. The Peleman Display offers you the opportunity to display what you offer and create your own “Experience corner”.

Discover our trendy collection in Pastel

Nice and trendy! Our Pastel collection is a real hit for creating memories or making them tangible. Our A4 and A5 Notebooks, together with our range of Photobooks or ideal for gifts for friends, family, business partners, employees ,…

Tip: This collection is perfectly customisable with foil or UV print.

Contact us for more information!

Peleman Hardware for optimal service.

Peleman has numerous high quality hardware solutions so that you can offer optimal service.

Photo Printer

Binding Machines

Hardcover Maker


Flat Bed Foil Printer

Print-In Technology

Discover the V Twister

The extra twist in Lay-Flat Technology

The V Twister has been designed to turn your double-sided printed or printable paper into lay-fl at pages, one by one. Through a single-step process, our innovative technology forms the paper fibers for each sheet, creating a supple hinge at the spine of the book. This makes your publication lay open effortlessly.

Experience the difference

Do you know our Web2print platform?

Peleman’s Web2print software gives your customer a great experience within a few minutes. You can make emotions tangible, with an emphasis on personalisation.

  • Photobook
  • Notebook
  • Diary
  • Invitations
  • Photo Panels
  • Menus
  • Thesis

What does this software mean for you?

  • You are open 24 hours.
  • Your customers do everything themselves.
  • They can do this from home or in your store.
  • More revenue.
  • More customers looking for a last minute gift.
  • After a few minutes they walk out with a present.

A service from A tot Z

Is the Web2Print platform really for you, but you are not sure how or when you should take it? No problem! We’re taking all this off your hands. Peleman offers A to Z services, with a strong focus on personalisation, both for your business and for your customers.

Would you like to take a look at our offering in your own time??

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