We always build on our expertise in the development and production of binding systems as well as on our expertise of innovative printing, presentation and photo solutions. To  improve our offer, we always keep a finger on the pulse as far as our market and our customers are concerned.

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We help you make a lasting impression with your documents & presentations. Our wide range of folders and portfolios are ideal for neatly handing out, organising, or quickly retrieving information or documents. On top of that, our V-Paper technology ensures perfect lay-flat presentations or books. You’re sure to find what you need.

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Peleman has a wide range of photo panels, photo books, magnets, etc. With our Peel & Stick system you can create a unique photo panel, a photo book, a calendar and a catalogue.

This technology is also ideal to give an extra touch to your presentation or signage.

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Make your brand stronger! Your brand or name is much more than what you sell; it also lets the outside world know who you are. That’s why we are more than happy to help you with personalised boxes, folders, notebooks, photo books, catalogues, presentations, etc… Peleman offers you a personalisation service from A to Z.

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Our best sellers

Thermische inbindmachine 8.2

Thermal Binding Machine 8.2

This is top of the range among binding machines. In just three steps you have a perfectly bound document of up to 340 sheets.

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Plus Flex Cover 1

Plus Flex Cover

The Plus Flex Cover is the ideal binding solution for any document or presentation. Choose between a transparent or matte finish for the front or back cover

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Thermal Hard Cover A4 Portrait 1

Thermal Hard Cover

These binding covers are the ideal solution for creating customised and permanently bonded, durable presentation material. Available in different sizes and colours.

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Peleman Box Basic 1

Peleman Box

This premium box with a magnetic closure can be used in a variety of special ways as a cherished keepsake: perfect for onboarding a new member of the team, a childbirth, …

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VideoBook A4, Peel & Stick 1

Videobook A4 Peel & Stick

The VideoBook combines the best of both worlds: print with moving image and sound.The best of both worlds brought together.

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Bamboo Panel Acrylic

With its stunning bamboo frame, this stylish, functional and eco-friendly photo panel will complement any interior. No wonder it’s a customer favourite.

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Certificate Holder A4 1

Certificate Holder A4

Present special documents or certificates in this Certificate Holder. Opt for a genuine leather cover for a truly deluxe finish. This holder can be easily customised.

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V-Paper A4

The combination of three techniques, creasing, folding and pressing, twists the paper near the edge, ensuring that bound documents of any size lay completely flat.

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