Flat Bed Foil Printer – Shipping & transportation

Currently the demonstrational video is unavailable.
Please see below solution for shipping & transportation.

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Shipping & transportation

When shipping the machine to get it repaired or transporting it to another location, we advise to use the original box and lock the head with head locking tool.

Contact your local distributor for support and shipping information.

  1. Go to Settings -> Move to transport (attention, the head will start to move!)
  2. Remove USB and power cables within 30 seconds.
  3. Connect the locking tool firmly with 4 supplied screws
  4. Place the machine in the original box or use a custom hard box
  5. Optional: add instructions for technician if you are shipping it for repair. Samples with bad print result and explanation can help to identify the issue faster.
  6. Make sure the box is fastened firmly with straps or a very strong tape