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Puurs, Belgium - PELEMAN has been recognised with the Coup de Coeur award at the recently held Graphitec exhibition in Paris.

 Citing the cutting-edge solution of our V Paper technology, the expert committee honoured PELEMAN with the trophy in the finishing category. 

PELEMAN’s V Paper technology brings an ingenious solution to the market by allowing bound documents of all sizes to lay open effortlessly. The combination of three techniques, creasing, folding and pressing, twists every single sheet of paper near the edge, creating a supple hinge at the spine of the book.


“Reading books and publications that do not stay open by themselves is very inconvenient. We all experience this in our daily lives,” explained Luc Augustinus, vice president, channel management, PELEMAN.

“Our solution is so simple yet extremely efficient; it really does make a difference,” continued Augustinus. “Already various important players in the graphic and imaging business are embracing our V Paper technology. By recognising PELEMAN with this award, the industry itself puts our solution in the spotlight. We are delighted and honoured to add yet another accolade to PELEMAN’s long list of recognitions.”  

Setting a new standard in digital print and photo books, the V Paper Tower has been developed to turn any printed or printable sheet into lay-flat pages, allowing photo book producers, commercial printers and other professionals to gain a competitive edge in their market by offering lay-flat books.

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