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The printing industry has taken some hard knocks over the past few decades, thanks to the rise of digital technology. Peleman Industries has gone to great lengths in order to adapt to these changing conditions and Esmeralda Peleman is confident her family’s business will continue to be a leader in the market.
When the Scheldt river flooded, in 1976, it completely destroyed the Peleman family business facilities and residence, in Puurs, Belgium. At the time, it was not certain whether the company could continue.
With the family divided as to which path to follow, interested parties were asked to write down their bids for the business in order to carry it forward.

The most convincing and forward-looking proposal came from Guido Peleman and this year marks the 40th anniversary of the ‘New’ Peleman company which his daughter, Esmeralda, has been involved with for over 20 years and is the current co-chairwoman and CEO. “My father convinced me to join the company,” says Esmeralda, “I had studied law and wanted to pursue that, but my father said it would take me years to decide whether I liked that career, whereas I would know whether the company was right for me very quickly. Thanks to my father, I absolutely made the right choice and I do not regret it for one second.”


Having been around for so long, Peleman has needed to be an innovative company and is always trying to stay ahead of the game, whether in processes, products, or their approach to the markets. They were also early movers in the green energy market and currently have two wind turbines with an industrial battery and are in the process of looking into solar panels to help run the factory.

But Esmeralda believes it is also about maintaining strong bonds with customers.

“We offer the complete solution when it comes to our customers’ needs. Whereas some companies offer covers, or laminators, binding machines etc., you can brand your whole company through us and have everything personalised with your corporate identity. We never say no – we can always deliver.”


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Since 1979, Peleman Industries has been specialising in the design, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of solutions for printed presentations and photos.