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UniBinder 8.4: Extra Binding Capacity, Increased Efficiency

UniBinder 8.4: Extra Binding Capacity, Increased Efficiency - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

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Peleman Industries has launched its latest innovative binding system, UniBinder 8.4.
Designed to allow companies and organisations of any size to create professional printed presentations at the comfort of their office, the newest machine carrying the globally trusted UniBind logo delivers the same convenience and user-friendly experience that the brand is known for.

Developed with the needs and preferences of heavy users in mind, UniBinder 8.4’s enhanced binding capacity enables users to bind multiple documents at the same time on four heating elements, leading to an accelerated workflow.
Ideal for both hard as well as soft covers, UniBinder 8.4 is set to appeal to heavy users who use a large volume of covers with minimal differences in document thickness and can thus rely on a limited range of spine size. With UniBinder 8.4, they can benefit from effectiveness and excellent results even without the crimping process.

On the other hand, for those binding documents in smaller quantities but in a variety of sizes, thanks to its built-in automatic crimper, UniBinder 8.2 helps to significantly reduce the required stock of covers while ensuring professional and neat results every time.
Building on the worldwide commercial success of 8.2, the latest innovation of Peleman Industries displays the same design features as the award-winning 8.2, making UniBinder 8.4 an attractive and practical equipment for any office or production environment.


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