Demonstrate credibility and trustworthiness through professional presentations. From balances to company analyses and evaluations, we offer tailor-made solutions for all your printed document needs. Find out more about our wide range of applications.



Plus Flex Cover

Professional yet simple. These Plus Flex Covers will turn any document into a permanently bound presentation. Crystal clean on one side and matte on the other, Plus Flex Covers comes in a variety of colours and spine sizes, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Soft Cover

High-quality soft covers that combine the flexibility of the popular Soft Cover and the sophisticated feel of our hard covers. Available in various colours and spine sizes, these soft covers can be personalised with foil print for an extra touch.

Soft Cover Full Colour

Give your numbers a new look with these custom soft covers. Pick your corporate colour or create your very own artwork that will be remembered by your clients. Statistics have never looked so good!

Thermal Hard Cover

Sophisticated covers for all your important reports and analyses. Choose from our wide variety of colours and add a personal touch with foil print or opt for a window cut for the possibility of instant in-house personalisation. For extra security, ask our representative about sealed binding.

Thermal Hard Cover - Full Colour

Custom hard covers with the design of your choice, in a variety of spine sizes. Sleek and minimalist or bold and daring, these one-of-a-kind covers will make your work stand out and take your corporate image to a whole new level.

UniCover Spine + Coversets

Create your own combination with the spine and CoverSets of your choice or just use the spine for an easy, fast and cost-effective solution. Available in both portrait and landscape formats, these spines are ideal for up to 340 sheets.

Binding Tools

Binding Sheets - Peleman Industries

Binding Sheets

Binding on the go. Create professional-looking presentations even while on the go. Just print your document, staple it together with these Binding Sheets and place it into your favourite cover. It’s that easy!


Thermal Binding Machine 8.2

Easy and fast binding system for documents of up to 340 sheets. Thermal Binding Machine 8.2’s automatic crimper ensures a neat finish, allowing users to keep a limited inventory of covers. Professional presentations in just 90 seconds.

Thermal Binding Machine 120

Bind documents of up to 120 sheets in three easy steps. Use the manual crimper for the prefect finish on all your printed documents. This small yet practical machine will save valuable time for you.

Organising Tools



Stay organised with these high-quality RingBinders by keeping all your important balances, evaluations and reports together. Customise it with your logo or opt for a unique artwork that will set your company apart.


A must-have for all accountants. The combination of a RingBinder and a practical storage box to keep all your documents together. Add your logo or the artwork of your choice on it for a personal touch. 

Hanging Class

Archiving has never been easier. No need to punch holes or bind your documents. Use the Hanging Class on your existing files, regardless of their thickness or binding method. Ideal for all accountant applications.

Lay-Flat Paper


V Paper

Create lay-flat balances, reports, evaluations and portfolios in the comfort of your office with V Paper. Available in 80 gsm, 120gsm and 160 gsm, V Paper will turn your documents into extraordinary presentations.

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Since 1979, Peleman Industries has been specialising in the design, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of solutions for printed presentations and photos.



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