Nearly 80 years of History of the Peleman Group

The history of Peleman Industries dates back to 1939 when Peleman-Saerens was founded in Puurs, Belgium, by the parents of Guido Peleman, who has been at the helm of the company as a CEO and chairman since 1973. January 3rd, 1976 marked a memorable day: the company’s facilities and the family home were flooded by the Scheldt river. For three consecutive weeks, the water level rose twice a day to more than one metre. Everything was destroyed, all the products and all the machines. It was during this challenging period that Carla Lolli joined the company to assist her husband, Guido Peleman in rebuilding the factory and growing Peleman into a global enterprise.



The Birth of Unibind

Unibind 45New habits in our professional and private lives have utterly changed our society over the past 80 years. The introduction of computers in offices in the ‘70s led to a significant shift from the traditional bound company books to single printed pages which then had to be bound. 

Recognising this need in the market led to the establishment of Unibind Limited in Cyprus in 1979 with the goal of marketing the easy-to-use UniBind systems to a wider market. 
In 1984, already more than 100,000 Unibind binding machines were sold in more than 80 countries around the world.

Following significant growth in sales through more than 20 subsidiaries and more than 100 international distributors, in 1989, Unibind Ltd. became the holding company of the group and Unibind Manufacturing Ltd. was established to spearhead the production and distribution of UniBind products. Since 1995, Alessio Mugnai has been leading this Cyprus-based subsidiary as CEO. 

Over the next years, UniBind had grown into the worldwide reference in in-house binding. These innovative solutions had quickly gained popularity all over the world, leading to the development of the patented Steel Binding system in the mid ‘90s.


Global Expansion and Continuity

To further strengthen the company’s worldwide presence, in 1998 Peleman Industries Inc. was established in Alpharetta, USA, by Brigitte Peleman-Vantieghem, who spearheaded the American expansion up until 2018. Today, the USA subsidiary is led by CEO, Pawan Moradia. In Europe, in 1999, Esmeralda Peleman took the helm at Peleman Industries NV as CEO, a position that she has been holding ever since. Reaffirming the company’s vision for future development, in December 2018, Esmeralda Peleman was appointed co-chairwoman of the group.


Seal of Approval from Apple

Apple PhotobookIn 2006, our Hard Cover was selected by Steve Jobs himself to be the cover of Apple’s Photobook, enabling Peleman Industries to establish a name for itself in the photo market.


From Binding to Branding

Thanks to its innovative binding systems, over the past 40 years Peleman has built fruitful partnerships with key players in the photo market, including, Apple, Kodak, Fuji, Mitsubishi, DNP and many other brands. These collaborations have inspired Peleman to develop an extensive range of products focussed on branding, including covers, panels, magnets and other easy-to-use solutions, all of which aim to further improve the presentation of photos and all kind of printed documents. To offer instant in-house personalisation possibilities a number of new solutions have been introduced over the years, including Foil Printers, Hard Cover Makers, Tri Plates, Binding Sheets, Peel & Stick Books, Secure Binding, V Paper and more.


From Easiest to Bind to Easiest to Bind and Read System

Until today, to quickly bind documents in the comfort of the office, the customer had to make a choice between easy-to-operate binding machines and easy-to-read solutions. 
Peleman has invested years of research to develop the solution that delivers equal comfort for the user and the reader. Thanks to the combination of the U spine and the V Paper, Peleman now offers a complete solution.


UniBinder 8.2Vpaper Tower


The V Paper Tower Revolution

Setting a new standard in digital print and photo books, Peleman’s latest invention, the V Paper Tower, allows printed books of any kind to lay open effortlessly. The V Paper technology revolutionises the way we think about the reading experience and reinforces Peleman’s commitment to further improve the quality of printed documents.

Going Greener

In developing new products, Peleman has always been committed to making a positive impact on our environment and the wider society. Apart from using recycled raw materials, in 2011 two giant windmills (110 metres high and 2,4 MW each) were installed at the Peleman premises in Puurs. Reinforcing our green initiatives, in 2018 a 40 feet container, filled with industrial batteries was erected at the Belgian headquarters, enabling the company to use nearly 90% renewable energy for the electricity in his premises.

Peleman: Binding for Branding

Since 1979, our company has evolved from a manufacturer of binding machines and covers, into a global leader in the fields of professional-quality presentation covers, photo books, and photo gifts, as well as lay-flat paper technology. Signifying a new era in the company’s history, after 40 years of success, the globally acclaimed UniBind name, along with the Photomore brand, has been brought under the Peleman umbrella, while V Paper has become the product name for our lay-flat paper technology. 
Peleman’s growth continues with the introduction of the “Two in One Solution”, which combines the strength of two technologies, the U-spine and the double-fold on the V Paper, to offer an all-round solution which further strengthens the company’s position in the market of binding for branding.


About Peleman Industries

Since 1979, Peleman Industries has been specialising in the design, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of solutions for printed presentations and photos.



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