Content that really matters should get the attention it deserves.

From A to Z

Content is so easily shared these days, but just as easily forgotten. That’s why it’s important that the information that matters and that you want to share with your customers really sticks with them. We can help you achieve that! We make sure you have something tangible to give to them. But that’s not all, with our total solutions, we take care of your projects from A to Z.

At your service

As our customer, you will receive our undivided attention: we think along with you, listen to your expectations and take work off your hands. That’s how we distinguish ourselves from others and why we offer a range of services such as customisation, creation & design, and boxing. We can even take care of the printing and logistics for you.

Choose your product

Innovative binding, presentation and photo solutions: products customers such as yourself may often need. They have been Peleman’s core business since the very beginning.
That’s the reason why we always take into account the changes in the market and the evolving needs of customers, without ever losing sight of quality and ecology.

Let our customer cases inspire you.

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Why choose Peleman?

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Family business with a customer-focused and innovative DNA
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Sustainable business with a heart
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Quality and creativity are our priority
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Global presence
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Small print runs are always possible
Solutions that meet your needs and those of your customers
Tangible communication that your customers will remember? We help you to find the solution that will have the biggest impact.
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