The Peleman Box

The Peleman Box is a brand new solution created to leave a lasting and unforgettable impression. You can attract new customers and create additional revenue.

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Allow the box to distinguish between being informed or being impressed. The Peleman Box elevates your brand to the highest level. At Peleman we think “IN” the box – not “out” of the box. We make it Tangible.

✔️ Easy to assemble
✔️ Fully customisable
✔️ Top and bottom can be created according the corporate identity of the customer
✔️ The boxes are flat-packed for easy shipping

A wide range of possibilities

Hospitality sector

An unexpected surprise for your guests with a welcome box. You can find more Peleman inspiration for hospitality.

Funeral sector

When people lose a loved one, they want to hold on to the memories. The memory boxes are a highly appreciated solution to collect keepsakes, such as a wedding ring, glasses, a memory book or even a picture.

Check out more Funeral solutions.

Employer branding

Ensuring your employees have a successful first day at work and feel welcomed with something tangible! You can personalise your welcome box and include many valuable tools.

Let us inspire you with more employer journey boxes.

Marketing: Product launch

A new brand should be at the forefront of customers minds. Make the introduction of a new product or service an immersive experience. Think creatively “in” the box, not outside of it.

Real Estate

Buying a house is a big step in somebody’s life. As a real estate agency you can make this moment tangible, with a tangible and memorable experience to hold on to.


Joyful moments in life are known by all and to cherish them forever, you have to make them tangible. A personalised box to welcome a baby, to celebrate a young couple, or a long-lasting friendship! Top the box up with treasured photo gifts!

More inspiration






Product Launch


Employer branding

Cultural holidays

Happy moments

Important moments

Technical info: create your own

Create your own

The 8 trendy standard colours of top and bottom plates allow for a lot of creative variations


Non-standard cover material with the Peleman Basic Plano

  • Vegan leather
  • Suede
  • Kashmir
  • Or your own digital print

The box is available in

A5 – 40 mm hight

A4 – 45 mm hight

A4 – 90 mm hight

Top and bottom plate sizes

A5/40 mm: 339×210 mm

A4/45 mm:  335×336 mm

A4/90 mm: 443×336 mm


  • 25 pieces bottom plates
  • 25 pieces top plates
  • 25 sets of clips

The clips

The clips are packed as a set for each box. A convenient QR code will show you how to assemble the box.


We provide foams to hold your product or box content perfectly in place to create a perfect finish.

DIY – The Hard Cover Maker 650

Peleman’s Hard Cover Maker 650 is the perfect solution for producing fully personalised boxes, starting from one piece. Did you know that we offer full rolls of cover material such as vegan leather and suede? Do not hesitate to enquire. Alternatively, you can print your own digital visual to wrap around a Peleman Box basic.

Want to try before you buy?

This is a limited selection from the Peleman range. Do you want to see more? Do you want to touch and feel the products? Then be sure to request a sample pack.