Lay-flat paper technology.

Peleman’s patented V Paper technology ensures that books or publications stay open and lay completely flat.

Publications can stay open on the most important pages
No more bulging of papers
Easy to read and to write on
No more need for expensive binding techniques to create the lay-flat effect

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It’s annoying when books or publications don’t stay open. The pages jump up and you need to use both hands to keep the book or publication flat on the table. This makes the reading strenuous. Until recently, only expensive binding techniques made it possible to leave books completely open and flat. Fortunately, that is now a thing of the past!

V Paper is the perfect solution if you want any kind of publication to stay open. This special lay-flat paper has a fold at the edge so that there’s no more bulge in the middle of the book after binding. When the binding is done, you can see a kind of hinge along the book’s spine. This is what allows the pages to lay completely flat.

We offer you 3 options for lay-flat solutions.

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