Binding Covers.

Discover our wide range of binding covers: choose between flexible covers in a variety of colours and spine sizes and hard covers.

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Mat Flex Cover

Flex Covers

A Flex Cover is the right solution for any document presentation. They have a crystal-clear sheet or matt-frosted finish. It’s your choice of impression.

Soft Cover

Soft Covers

The Soft Cover is a high quality soft cover made of a soft yet sturdy material. It is the perfect solution if you want to create customised, permanently bound presentation materials.

Thermal Hard Cover with Window

Thermal Hard Covers

Thermal Hard Covers are high-quality hardcover books. They are the perfect solution if you want to create customised, permanently bound and durable presentation materials.

Spine Cover

Spine Covers

This binding spine cover allows you to bind your documents with any paper, plastic transparent or leatherette Cover Set in portrait or landscape.

Photo Books

Photo Books

Give your photo books a professional finish and high quality look with our PhotoBook Resin. Our patented thermal steelbinding system ensures a solid, durable binding.

Peel & Stick Covers

Peel & Stick Covers

The perfect, easy photo gift solution. Simply peel and stick prints into a beautiful photobook. Great for Retailers and craft-hobby stores.

Clamp Hard Cover

Clamp Cover

Create an elegant and professional looking book without any machine. Greay for Menu’s, CV’, Wine List’s, School Projects and many more…



One is always looking for ways to improve the way customers persive them. Accessories from Peleman add a little extra touch to help you stand apart.

Organising Tools

Organising Tools

Organise your perfect presentations with our range of Organising Tools. Because it matters.

Home » Products » Binding Covers
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