V Paper Tower

V Paper Tower turns double-sided printed and printable paper into lay-flat pages, one by one, combining three techniques: creasing, folding and pressing.

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V Paper Tower

Create softcover and hardcover books that stay open

The V-Paper Tower now brings you the perfect solution which ensures that every single sheet of documents (of any size) – from short presentations to thicker reports – lays flat. The V-Paper Tower makes a double-fold near the edge of every sheet, which can then be bound together with triple staples, perfect binding machines or thermal binding systems. The result is a lay-flat book which is easy to read and write in.

In line with the requirements and preferences of today’s users, the V-Paper Tower has been designed to create a double-fold on every sheet, turning any paper into lay-flat paper. Your customers always expect the best possible paper and printed presentations from you. From now on, you are also able to offer them the best lay-flat finishing solution.

Add value to your books and publications and capture extra business

• Enhance the user experience by turning any paper into pages that stay open
• Increase efficiency: just load the paper and collect it at the end of the process
• Unlock your possibilities by using it on any paper from 70 to 250 g/m2
• Take your business to the next level by using V Paper Tower on softcover books bound with perfect
binders. V Paper eliminates the need to put pressure on the spine and as a result, the PUR glue is not mandatory
• Stand out from the competition by offering soft- and hardcover books and publications that stay open
• Maximise productivity by using the most effective way to create books that lay open effortlessly


• The V-paper Tower is an automated system that puts a double-fold in every sheet.
• 6.000 A4 sheets / per hour.
• Grammage / mic2: minimum 70, maximum
250 of any paper type
• Sheet size: max. 320 mm length and width.
• Electrical power by 220 Volt: 1.000 Watt.
• No warm up time, high efficiency.
• Small footprint: length 1,2 m x width 0,8 m x height 2,5 m

V Paper Process
Technical Information

Speed 6.000 sheets/hour
Weight per m2 min. 70g/m², max. 250g/m² of any paper type
Paper width
Fold length
min. 60mm, max. 480mm
min. 170mm, max. 320mm
Electrical power by 220 Volt 1.000 Watt
Small footprint L 1,2 m x W 0,8 m x H 2,5 m

Low investment compared to other lay-flat solutions
Can be connected to an existing feeder
Easy to use
Fast: 6000 sheets/hour
Suited for large print runs
No warm-up time needed

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