Vpaper Tower Takes Centre stage at TDPF conference

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Joining an illustrious line-up of trailblazers in the digital photo sector, Peleman Industries will be presenting its innovative Vpaper technology at the upcoming TDPF event in Dresden, Germany, on September 24, 2018.

This year’s conference of the International Symposium on Technologies for Digital Photo Fulfillment (TDPF) will address the various ways photos are viewed, printed, displayed in today's evolving digital word, making it an ideal platform for Peleman Industries to present its Vpaper technology to the movers and shakers of the industry.
Thanks to the combination of three techniques, creasing, folding and pressing, the Vpaper Tower turns any paper into lay-flat pages, allowing photo books of all kinds, including today’s popular softcover photo books, to lay open effortlessly.
Learn more about the Vpaper technology here: https://www.vpaper.com/new/en/machine

About Peleman Industries

Since 1979, Peleman Industries has been specialising in the design, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of solutions for printed presentations and photos.


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