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Make it tangible.

In today’s digital world, information is so easily and frequently shared, but even more quickly forgotten.

We believe that any content that truly matters should receive the attention it deserves.

Our range of high quality solutions support customers to stand out with their message and reach their goals. Important messages need to be seen, read and preserved. Only tangible and touching communication builds strong relationships.

We believe that any content that truly matters should receive the attention it deserves.


People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

– Maya Angelou –

About Peleman Industries.

Since 1979, Peleman has specialised in the design, development and worldwide distribution of solutions for printed presentations and photographs. On that market, our company grew into a renowned global player under Mr. Guido Peleman’s leadership.
Although initially we were mainly known under the brand name Unibind and focused on document binding, we kept evolving at the same pace as our market. We started offering more and more solutions to our customers to give their messages, quotations, and presentations an added value that would stand out and be remembered by their audience.
From binding to branding, we help our customers to build a stronger corporate image. We make sure they have more than just a beautiful document to hand to their customers: a personal, customised message with their own corporate look and feel.

From Unibind to Peleman

Moving from Unibind to a Peleman branding and identity is a nod to our core values of a locally anchored family business that acts with respect for tradition and experience. It also underlines our ambition to become a total supplier in the world of presentation and photo solutions under the leadership of Esmeralda Peleman.
Our worldwide presence stretches over 120 countries in the B2B and graphics markets. In addition to that, we also entered the consumer market in 2019 by opening a concept store in Valencia (Spain).
This global presence, but also our continuous drive for innovation have clearly turned us into a leader in our industry. After all, innovation has always been part of the DNA of Peleman Industries.

40/80 years of Peleman DNA
120 countries
14,000,000 customers
99% green energy
90% patented
1500 partners
300,000 sqm production space
Belgium/USA headquarters
300,000 products/day
15 subsidiaries
400 employees
9000 sku’s
Mr Peleman
When something is really important, people still want it in a tangible document. Hence our company tagline “Because it matters”. We want to add value to what we deliver. That’s why we evolve towards composite products: no more separate machines for this and that, but a total – almost all-in! – package for the customer.

Sustainable entrepreneurship.

Peleman sets great store by sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship. It’s a fundamental value of our company, and that’s why we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our ecological footprint. We use recycled materials and try to be as energy efficient as possible. In order to be able to produce in a more environmentally friendly way, we also bought two wind turbines in 2011, which provide the company with energy.
Our battery has a capacity of 2 megawatt per hour. When fully charged, it has enough power to supply 200 families with energy for an entire day. In addition to that, thanks to the battery the company’s power grid gets constant impulses, which is very important in order to avoid power outages.

Towards a sustainable philosophy

In 2016, a sustainability covenant was signed with the municipality of Puurs. With our battery, we want to contribute to achieving the European targets for reduced CO2 emissions. Energy costs also play a crucial role in this international battle. The emphasis isn’t only on cost reduction however, but also on international prices and innovation policy. Green and efficient thinking is crucial if you want to be perceived as a company that treats raw materials and people with respect.
Our battery allows a sustainable growth for our company and this fits in perfectly with our mission to always keep paying attention to sustainable energy.
To us, our wind turbines and battery are more than just an installation. They are a way of thinking, a philosophy of life that we also look for in our partners.

Peleman Industries Puurs Contact office

Worldwide presence.

Peleman Industries has over 300 distributors and resellers and is present in 120 countries, so that we can respond as effectively as possible to the needs of our customers worldwide. Our global presence enables us to identify and respond to new opportunities in the market and to respond swiftly to new trends.

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Peleman Industries Inc
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Peleman Industries is present in 120 countries
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